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Bumps In The Night

Well it's been a year in writing and getting ready to publish The Devil's Cabin, a young adult horror novel. In the meantime I've also written a short story about a policeman who runs into his doppelganger (double walker) in the late 1940's in Indianapolis. Both are works of fiction and have a little truth mixed in with a lot of imagination...and horror. I'm torn between having professional covers made that look like every other book out there or go with less-is-more personally made covers that reflect the story therein. In my humble opinion, the covers I've designed are striking for the simpleness, yet foreboding creepiness they portray. It goes against what the professionals are saying so I haven't made up my mind yet.

Lest you think I have not met the supernatural, I have had three such experiences with the other side, thought none were scary...yet. I met a very pretty ghost one sunny day in downtown Indianapolis. Dressed in period clothing from around the 1950s to 1960s, she disappeared right in front of me! Yet another time I was visited by my grandma on my mother's side after I kissed her picture one day and said I missed her. Still another time I had a trick played on me by a military ghost in the men's room of the Indiana War Memorial. Then there are the occasional strange events in my condo. Lights that turn on and off even though one had a rocker switch and the other had a common twist knob switch, and now and then kitchen cabinets that bang slightly by themselves.

There is another existence after this life and I had a tiny glimpse of this fact. If you don't believe that's fine, but these occurrences happened before I started writing horror. Those who don't believe usually don't until it happens to them. As Sammy Terry says: "Many Pleasant Nightmares!"

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