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The Devil's Cabin

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Sean O’ Connell and his three friends Troy, Kevin and Brian want nothing more than a normal childhood, and to live long enough to enjoy it.  But an evil in the woods, raised out of hell long ago, means to see they don’t. It haunts their dreams.  It haunts their waking hours.  It tries to manipulate them in every way.  It wants them dead.

They live in the rural town of Hartfield Indiana.  Small towns like Hartfield are notorious for everyone knowing everyone else’s business.  In some small towns, there are buried secrets.  Hartfield Indiana is one of those towns; until four determined boys in their teens try to exhume those secrets after terrifying attacks and visions.

For them, there is no escape.  They must fight…or die!  They can tell no one for fear of ridicule from the entire backwater town.  Most of the boy’s parents don’t believe them, leaving them feeling abandoned, mistrusted and vulnerable.  They are on their own in a fight for their young lives.  Is there no one who can help them battle the demonic?

The evil in the woods has no mercy, no pity, and it will not stop.  Some will die, some will escape, but no one will remain unscathed.  Can the boys protect themselves and find out the secrets of the town?  And if they do, will it be in time to save themselves from the evil summoned from hell inside The Devil's Cabin?

In Dreams

David Cross had gotten into this whole writing thing by accident. He suffered from night terrors since the age of eight. Nightmarishly real dreams of unimaginable terror. The kind you wake up from soaked in sweat from head to toe. The kind you thrash, fight and kick in your sleep. The kind in which you pray and call on God for help.  You wake and still are unsure if you are dreaming or not.  Are they only dreams or demonic attack? David suffered from all this and more; talking in his sleep, cursing and fighting the entity in his nightmares. Every one of them written in his dream journal.


      Thus, began the Horror writing career of David Cross.  Author of such books as “Sickened,” “Demon Dreams,” “The Succubus, “The Gates of Hell,” “Infinite Nightmare,” “Forsaken” and “Possession.”  There were many more books, and many made into movies which brought him untold fame, but few knew of the personal hell he suffered to author those books. When his books become real, the nightmare has just begun.

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You'll find my short horror story "All Hallows Detour" in Under The Hallow Veil along with many other great horror authors!

Curse of the Hallow Moon

Curse of the Hallow Moon - Editingle Halloween Anthology_edited.jpg

Inside Curse of the Hallow Moon, you'll find my terrifying tale of a nightmare straight from hell, "Idle Hands," inside along with many other great horror author's hideous stories of shocking fear!

New! Whispers of the Hallow Night


You have been warned before, but there will be no more.
So one must pay and become the prey.
As you holler and plead, they might make you bleed.
But, alas, your voice will not be heard while you take in the horror that occurred.
Oh, you sorrowful soul, should have listened to my warning, for you might have made it till morning.
Give up the fight; you’re a victim of Whispers Of The Hallow Night!

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